Features Of Energy Storage System

It might just be a case of stating the obvious, but anyhow. Utilizing energy storage systems within your business can help you save loads of energy. So, let’s take a look at some of the features of utilizing such systems.

When using the energy storage system, you will be enjoying high performance rates. An Atlas energy storage system has the capacity to power large loads over long periods of time, particularly during off the grid cycles. This system is therefore ideal for those regions of the world where their state-owned grids have yet to be streamlined to alternative sources of energy and are creaking under the weight of antiquated power stations which could shut down unannounced. And when large systems have to shut down for disruptive periods of time, many businesses are forced to close up shop.

They have to endure long periods of downtime and this has an extremely negative effect on their ability to keep their balance sheets healthy. And the energy storage system can be utilized at budget friendly costs too. In order to ensure that their parts and components are able to produce the high quality in these systems, these are safety tested. They also receive certifications from a nationally recognized testing laboratory.

energy storage systems

The use of an energy storage system is a sustainable development through and through. This is because large capacity lithium ion phosphate cells are being utilized. These too have been put through safety regulation tests. The lithium cells are protected from potential fires by being housed in a cabinet. The cabinet’s door is encased with three large steel dead bolts. It also has a key operated lock as well as a padlock hasp. Multiple layers of 14-gauge steel and tough powder coat finishes have been used to construct these cabinets.